Strategies to Improve English Listening Skills

Part 3: Listening in PTE Academic requires many hours of practice to maximize your score. Whilst practicing other parts of the test you would have learned certain core English skills that are needed in Part 3 that you can further improve.

To do well in the listening questions set a daily goal[...]

PTE Listening Tips: Self-Improvement

After working through the strategies to improve your English listening skills, you can work on specific areas of the test. In this part, you will need to apply a number of listening and writing skills.

Below are improvement tips on the question types that combine writing and listening skills.

Summarize Spoken Text

In the Summarize[...]

PTE Reading Tips: Self-Improvement

There are many ways you can improve your chances of gaining points in Part 2: Reading during PTE Academic.

To improve your reading skills, practice increasing your reading speed and comprehension at the same time. In turn, you will improve your writing, grammar and vocabulary skills.

To do well in this part of[...]

PTE Writing Tips: Self-Improvement

As part of the PTE Academic, you must demonstrate a certain set of core English skills to maximize your score.

To help you do your best in Part 1: Writing we’ve put together some tips.

Summarize Written Text

In the Summarize Written Text question type, you will be scored based on the content, formal requirements, your grammar[...]

PTE Speaking Tips: Self-Improvement

In Part 1 of PTE Academic you will require many core English skills to pass. It is very important that you prepare and look at ways you can maximize your score.

We’ve put together some tips to help based on each question type.

Read Aloud

In the Read Aloud question type, you will be scored based on[...]

PTE Listening: Core English Skills Part 3

When practicing for other parts of the PTE Academic test, you may have worked on your vocabulary and grammar and learned about cohesive devices. You will also require these for Part 3: Listening in the test.

To learn more about the skills you will need for this part of the test, read on.



PTE Listening: Core English Skills Part 2

During Part 3: Listening in PTE Academic, you will need to know pronunciation in order to understand what the speakers are saying.


When completing PTE Academic, you will hear a variety of accents from both native and non-native speakers, as you would in the real world. Don’t worry, the accents will be clear and regular[...]

PTE Listening: Core English Skills Part 1

The last part of PTE Academic, Part 3: Listening, requires a large combination of core skills.

The very first skill you will need to develop involves how you listen (listening methods).

Below, is information on different types of listening and where you may need to use them during PTE Academic.

Listening Methods


One of the listening[...]

PTE Reading: Core English Skills Part 2

Once you have practiced and improved your grammar and vocabulary for Part 2: Reading in you will need to learn reading methods and the different styles of writing.

As the PTE Academic is an integrated skills test, the skills developed will be applicable to most sections of the test.

Firstly, the reading methods you will need[...]

PTE Reading: Core English Skills Part 1

In PTE Academic Part 2: Reading, you will be required to read a text in each question to understand what it means in order to answer the question.

To identify and develop your reading skills we’ve put together some information to help you.


Grammar skills are important as they help you understand what you[...]