Your guide to understanding PTE Academic

Prepare for success with our two-part webinar series

Preparing for PTE Academic, like any exam, is easier when you know what to expect. Watch the videos below to gain a detailed understanding of PTE Academic and give yourself the best chance of performing well on test day.

Part one provides and introduction to PTE Academic, detailing the key features of the test and its structure. Learn what to expect on test day from the moment you arrive at the test center, during the test, and when you have finished. Understand the three parts (Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening), and view/listen to examples of test questions and answers.

Part two explains how PTE Academic is scored, including how to interpret the score report, and will help you decide when to take the test. It provides general test preparation guidelines and details of all the resources available on our preparation page.


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tirath singh
how to show marks in pte academic