Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks

Communicative skills tested: Reading and writing.

Subskills tested: Identifying the topic, theme or main ideas; identifying words and phrases appropriate to the context; understanding academic vocabulary; understanding the difference between connotation and denotation; inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words; comprehending explicit and implicit information; comprehending concrete and abstract information; following a logical or chronological sequence of events.

Using words and phrases appropriate to the context; using correct grammar.


Communicative skills

Reading and writing


Partial credit:
1 Each correctly completed blank
0 Minimum score


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showan hijani

dose any mines score?

gaurang devluk

I always get 50% right answers not 100%. Pls advise

ida k

how much time must we spend on it?

Mahmoud Bairouti

Where can I check my score?

Rabia Rehman

how much time we have for each blank…and for this part?

Husson Faesl

how can i see my overall scores for reading