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Instructions For Using The Website

Instructions For Using The Website

On PTESTUDY.NET, the opportunity has been provided to all the users to practice online and free of charge daily with real PTE questions in a similar environment like the real Pearson test.

To use the features of the site, you need to be a member of the website. Register Here Features

Free Features Of

  • Unlimited practice in a very similar environment to the original PTE test
  • Having access to all the materials and repeated questions in recent PTE Exams
  • Unlimited participation in the PTE mock test
  • Saving all the users’ performance on the website
  • labeling questions based on their difficulties and creating different types of lists to review the questions
  • Showing the frequency of each question that is practiced
  • Advanced search through the website content based on the ID or the content of each question Features For VIP Users

You will also have access to Special Services if you use the Point system.

  • Unlimited use of scoring and correction system in all items and tasks
  • Access to the Immersive Reader System (IRS) to help your Pronunciation and Fluency in speaking module
  • reports of the study progress chart in percentage by details
  • Accurate reports for daily and weekly performance
  • The remarkable possibility of taking notes in each question separately
  • The ability to change the playback speed before starting any question
  • Show the number of repetitions of questions in the test

Using Point On

By purchasing a point, each user can use more features on the website.
Buying points does not only mean activating a subscription, but this point is stored in the user panel and is used depending on the user’s choice.

There are three different packages to buy according to your needs

  • You need 100 points to subscribe for each month
  • Mock exams are free, but you need 100 points to get each Mock’s scorecard and access to Mock test results.

Activating The Points And One-Month Subscription

Click the red box at the bottom of the page to activate the point and a one-month subscription from the link below

Use 100 points and active my account

Your account is now active, and you have full access to the website’s services for one month.

If you purchase an extra point, it will remain in your account and will not expire.

You must wait until the end of the subscription every month and then proceed to renew the subscription

How to Subscribe on Free Mock and Getting Mock Test’s Scorecard

The Mock test is free on the website without any restrictions, and it is available from the menu on the left side of the site, but you need to pay 100 points to get the score card for each Mock exam.

At the end of each Mock exam, you will be shown the option to display the results, and it will take about half an hour for the system to correct the Mock.

It is not possible to see the results in the middle of the Mock exam.

If your Mock test has a problem, notify the supporter of website to address the issue

In speaking and writing sections, the sounds behind the scenes are uploading to the server, so do not leave the Mock exam page or close it until the end of these items.

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Thanks, the instructions for using the website were very complete and useful

Sara Shalileh

I can’t record my sound plz help me

Md Azhar

im not getting what is points and how to increase it

shafaq saiyed

how much cost for 100 points in indian rupees