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Tips for preparation of “Read Aloud” in PTE academic

Tips for preparation of “Read Aloud” in PTE academic

Read Aloud Tips And Tricks

PTE read aloud question type comes first in the exam for the speaking section. Moreover, Read Aloud tips are critical for that dream score on your PTE Score Card. Thus, make a study plan, start practicing with the scored PTE mock test evaluated your performance to work with a focus on the weak areas. Here there are some tips and tricks to help you improve your score on the PTE Academic Read Aloud.

who is the listener in the “Read Aloud” part?

A computer! In a PTE-A Test, the test taker sits in front of the computer screen. Also, a headset microphone is given which records his/her speech. Finally, the candidate has to give his response just as English native speakers.

You will have 30-40 seconds of time depending upon the passage to prepare for the recording. Once the time gets over, a beep sound will be played and you have to start recording your voice in an audible manner

And Read Aloud Tips

Don’t start speaking before the microphone opens, or else your voice will not be recorded.

Keep in mind before the progress bar ends you should complete the reading your text. Otherwise, the microphone will stop recording, even if you have not finished reading the whole passage.

Rising your tone at the beginning Read Aloud section, and falling tone at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound authentic.

If you realize you made a mistake, continue speaking and don’t stop.

From day 1 of preparation, practice with different tongue-twisters every day until the exam day.

Try to read aloud the paragraph as if you are giving the real answer.

Try to practice the words which seem new or difficult for you to pronounce. This will prepare your brain for pronouncing the most difficult words before the recorder starts.

The other task you can do before the recorder starts is to divide the paragraph into a meaningful chunk to improve your oral fluency in PTE read-aloud section. Hence, taking the necessary pause will give proper meaning to the whole paragraph, which will improve your enabling skills.

More Tips…

Intonation, which is also a key factor for scoring high in the PTE read-aloud section. When you read the text, stress the words that help to convey meaning, by reading them in a slightly louder voice and adding emphasis to key syllables.
However, you can also stand in front of the mirror to improve the intonation and read-aloud score.
SO Be certain, loud and clear enough for a computer to recognize your voice. Therefore, To be confident speaker tries to read in front of the mirror. This will help you to overcome the stage fear.

Repeat and pronounce the difficult words during the count-down timer.

Divide the text into meaningful chunks.

Read at a normal pace with full confidence.

The PTE Mock Test designed in an almost similar manner to that of the real test. So you can try Read Aloud tips for free.

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Krystle R. Rogers

Read and speak loud technique is the best technique for all tips. Do you have tips for writing skill?

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