prepare for Personal introduction part in PTE academic

How to prepare for the Personal introduction part in PTE academic?

There are strategies you can use to approach each PTE task that will help you to maximize your mark. At the beginning of the speaking section in PTE academic, you should introduce yourself and then start the test. so You will have 25 seconds to prepare your response, and after you hear a beep sound, you have 30 seconds to record your answer. There, the word ‘Recording’ changes to ‘Completed.’

Be careful not to be silent for more than three seconds and respond before the Personal introduction progress bar is completed.

Do not start speaking before the microphone gets ‘on’ or else, and your response will not be recorded.

You will be able to record the voice only once.

PTE Personal introduction item is not scored but will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you.

Speak confidently and clearly. You don’t need to be in a hurry for this. You have half a minute to record the response.

The Personal Introduction may include your name, age, city and country, your profession, the purpose of immigration or higher education and your interests.

Don’t stop in the middle of your response. Finish the rest of your introduction without pausing. website has made it possible for you to test your introduction for free in a completely similar atmosphere to the primary test.

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