How do I link or unlink social media accounts from my profile on

What are the benefits of social login? Social media login improves user experiences in various ways, including: (Source: Streamlined sign-up: Third-party web page logins via Facebook or Google accounts typically involve clicking just a few buttons. This creates a much faster path to access sites and apps compared to filling out registration forms. Less password reliance: Password fatigue is […]


Rs_1874 Social policies describe the ways in which the society meets human’s needs.


Aboard the ship Discovery, Hudson left England in April 1610. He and his crew, which again included his son John and Robert Juet, made their way across the Atlantic Ocean. After skirting the southern tip of Greenland, they entered what became known as the Hudson Strait. The exploration then reached another of his namesakes, the Hudson Bay.

Immersive reader and Dictionary

What does Immersive Reader? Translating any word and sentence into different multiple languages in each practice for all tasks Providing dictionary mode for more than 50 languages Checking the pronunciation of each word with meaning, phonetics, part of speech and examples in all tasks Reading the text aloud by different voices with the ability of adjusting the reader’s speed and […]


If you want to visit Mars, visit Turkey. That’s where you’ll find lakes so salty that the only bugs able to live there are species that could probably survive on Mars as well. For that reason, microbiologists in Turkey have surveyed the array of species that inhabit the Acigol, Saldaand Yarislilakes. They’re hopeful that studying some of them will yield […]