sst2_123- Narrative

The comics I show you with lots of people chatting around in a room is a form of description. We use different kinds of methods to describe a situation. Sometimes we have to use visual description, particularly when we do not witness the scenario. I was born during the Second World War and my hometown is X, for example when I asked my mother about the war, I always ask her you have mentioned this or that when you talked to me when asked her about the shelter, I asked her what the shelter looks like and when did you go to the shelter. From her response I could get more visual evidence as I can to write my book.
Main points:
A form of description
Describing a situation
Using visual description
Not witnessing the scenario
Getting more visual evidence
Writing a book

Other points:
The comics
The Second World War
Asking about the war
The shelter

Sample answer:
The lecture was about describing a situation, which comprised a form of description. The spokesperson described using visual description, and the fundamental essence of not witnessing the scenario emphasized the significance of the Second World War. Ultimately, although asking about the war could be inferred evidently from getting more visual evidence, the corresponding impacts of writing a book were acknowledged. (60)

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