sst2_119- Essays

M: We’re going to spend the rest of the month writing different kinds of essays. First though, we need to talk about what makes an essay good. There are certain things that every essay, despite what you’ll be writing about, needs to have. Okay, so who can tell me one thing that an essay must have? W: Um, doesn’t every essay need an introduction? M: Of course. Every essay must have an introduction. In the intro, you’ll talk about the focus of your essay. You might also talk about some of your arguments or subtopics. But if you do, you have to make sure that you’re very brief about them. Your introduction shouldn’t be more than a paragraph. So what else does an essay need to have? W: A conclusion? M: Absolutely! If you’re introducing your topic at the beginning, you must conclude your argument at the end. The conclusion talks about similar things as the introduction, but it’s not exactly the same. Here, you have to wrap up your topic. You have to make sure that the reader is convinced that your point of view is right. Yes, do you have a question? W: So what happens in the middle? M: The middle’s the most important part! That’s where you tell your reader all the reasons that he or she should agree with you. That’s where you really get to show off what you know.
Main points:
Writing different kinds of the essay
The way to write good essays
Having an introduction and a conclusion limited to a paragraph
Talking about the focus of the essay
Talking about arguments/subtopics
Being brief
Concluding the argument
Wrapping up the topic in the conclusion
Showing off the knowledge in the middle part
The middle of the essay as the most important part

Other points:
Telling reasons
The middle of the essay
The most important part of the essay
Convincing the readers

Sample answer:
The lecture was about writing essays, which comprised the way to write good essays. The spokesperson described having an introduction and conclusion limited to a paragraph, and the essence of the focus of essays emphasized the significance of being brief. Ultimately, although both concluding the argument and wrapping up the topic could be inferred evidently from showing off the knowledge in the middle part, impacts of convincing readers were acknowledged. (70)

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