RFIB-364.Honorary Degree

Victoria University of Wellington has conferred an honorary degree on a distinguished astrophysicist in a recent graduation ceremony. Professor Warrick Couch received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science for his remarkable contribution to our knowledge of galaxies and dark energy. Professor Couch is a distinguished astrophysicist who has played a crucial role in the discovery that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, a finding which led to the lead scientists being awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011, which he attended in recognition of his contribution.
In his research, Professor Couch uses large ground-based and spaced-based telescopes to observe galaxy clusters, which are the largest Structures in the Universe. He is also involved in a number of national and international committees overseeing the management of these telescopes. In addition to his own research activities. Professor Couch has worked to support young researchers and provide public comment on astronomy internationally.

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