RFIB-362.Language Extinct

At the moment, there are between six and seven thousand languages in the world. According to linguists, fifty percent of these are in danger of becoming extinct. The speed of language loss has accelerated over the past few decades because businesses that need to communicate with a range of people from other cultures prefer to employ more widely used languages, such as English, Chinese, or Spanish. This attitude is understandable, but it means that many local languages are dying out before anyone has had the opportunity to study them. According to linguists, some of these languages could reveal a great deal of useful information about language learning and cognitive development. In addition, a local language that has been built on the local culture contains words and phrases that express that culture; lose the language and you arguably may lose the culture, too. And finally, historians will argue that a language contains evidence of a region’s history and should, for that reason alone, be preserved.

  • cognitive
  • extinct
  • widely
  • proves
  • extended
  • contains
  • artificial
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