PTE Test Tip: Make sure you’re familiar with the PTE test equipment

PTE Academic is completed on a computer, including the speaking part of the test.

So make sure you are prepared by familiarizing yourself with the equipment you will use during your test. Reading these test tips and you will be fully prepared.

PTE Academic test equipment
 Computer Check

Before the test starts you will do an equipment check to ensure your headphones and microphone are working correctly.


Look at the pictures below to check your microphone is correctly positioned. The microphone should be positioned around 2 fingers distance from your mouth.


Keep your headset on throughout the test as there will be other test takers in the room and they will be speaking at the same time as you.

Speaking levels

Speak clearly without shouting or whispering. Responses should be spoken at a regular pace with natural pauses. There is no need to speak slowly or loudly.

Background noise

There may be background noise during the test including other test takers answering questions. Don’t worry, you will only be assessed on the responses you provide through your headset microphone.

Is it almost time for your test?

Make sure you are fully prepared by learning more about what you should do on test day.


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