For a brief moment, it was the robot king of Mars. Then it closed shutdown unexpectedly and was lost for good. Back in 1971 the Soviet lander Mars 3 scored the first soft landing on the Red Planet. But it existed operatedfor only about 15 seconds and then failed. Since that time,[...]


Our universe has long passed for a 13.7-billion-year-old, but it turns out it’s really a bit more elderly. So says new sourcedata from the European Planck satellite. “Compared to the previous best performance measurements, the universe is a little older, 13.8 billion years.”U.S. project scientist Charles Lawrence of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in[...]


Flaming cauldrons of molten metal have long been the preliminary primaryvenues for steel production. But blast furnaces require a lot of coal, which means greenhouse gas positionpollution. In fact, worldwide, steel making is responsible for 5 percent of annual emissions. But scientists working on a way to harvest oxide oxygenfrom the[...]


Maybe this will motivate you to work out. New researchstrengthsupportsthe idea that you don’t need to spend hours at the gym everyday for your body to start feeling the positive effects of exercise. In fact, a bingo singlesession on a stationary bike can affect your very DNA. Okay, so your actual genetic code won’t[...]


Everywhere you go, the trillions of microbes in your gut go too. And that’s aconfirmingcomfortingthought. Because according to a new study, a more diverse population of intestinal bacteria is linked to better health. The work is in the journal Nature. Danish researchers gathered gut microbes from almost 300 obsoleteobeseand non-obese adults. The intestines of[...]


The mayor of New York famously tried to ban super-sized sodas. But instead of regulating legislatinga drink’s volume, maybe we should change its name. Because a new study shows that the words we use to describe portion size affect how much we actually produce consume. The findings are in the journal Health Economics. As[...]


Our skin tells us about our surroundings by detectingfracturetemperaturepressure and other external conditions. If a pot handle is too hot to touch, we can feel this heat before burning our hand. Robots maysomewhatsomedayhave this protection too. A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has developed a large-area sensor network integrated into[...]


In Rwanda it is legally required that building projects involve mainly local workers. This helps to restore job opportunities.
Due to the Rwandan genocide normal equipment can be very expensive in some parts of Rwanda. For example the cost of shipping a bulldozer to remote regions is prohibitive.
Nizeye incorporated the local culture into his building projects. He[...]


Culture throughout the world plays a mutually beneficial role in the consumer markets of a society. Through culture, consumers are able to identify the products most important to them, and at the same time, culture is able to adapt to what buyers and sellers desire at any given moment.
The way a consumer buys, uses, and values a[...]