prepare for Personal introduction part in PTE academic

How to prepare for the Personal introduction part in PTE academic? There are strategies you can use to approach each PTE task that will help you to maximize your mark. At the beginning of the speaking section in PTE academic, you should introduce yourself and then start the test. so You will have 25 seconds to prepare your response, and after you […]

Why native English speakers don’t always get a perfect score

Being an experienced English speaker does not guarantee you a high score It can come as a surprise to test takers, who consider themselves to be fluent in English, that they can score less well in an English test than they expect. Dr Alistair Van Moere, a member of Pearson’s Technical Advisory Group, explains that it’s not unusual for people who […]

PTE Academic Highlight Incorrect Words

In the seventh question type, Highlight Incorrect Words, your listening and reading skills will be tested. In this question type, you will be shown information and have 10 seconds to read it before a recording starts. A recording between 15-50 seconds will play and you will need to select the words that are incorrect and do not match the recording. You […]

PTE Academic Select Missing Word

In the sixth question type, Select Missing Word, will test your listening skills. A recording between 20-70 seconds long will be played and you will need to predict the last word or words of the text to complete the task. You will be marked on this question type as either correct or incorrect. Source:

PTE Academic Multiple-choice, Single Answer

The fifth question type, Multiple-Choice, Single Answer will test listening skills. To complete this task, you will be given information to read for context, you will then need to listen to a recording between 30-60 seconds long. Choose the option that best suits. Your response to this question type will be marked as correct or incorrect. Source:

PTE Academic Write from Dictation

The eighth and final question type, Write from Dictation, tests listening and writing skills. You will have 7 seconds to read the instructions before the recording starts. The recording is between 3-5 seconds long and once it starts, listen and type the sentence in the response box. You can receive 1 point for each correct word you write. Write the words […]

PTE Academic Highlight Correct Summary

The fourth question type, Highlight Correct Summary, will test listening and reading skills. You will be given 10 seconds before the recording starts to read the options. A recording will be played that is between 30-90 seconds long. To complete the task, select only one correct response. If unsure, choose the one you think is correct as you cannot lose points […]

PTE Academic Fill in the Blanks

In the third question type, Fill in the Blanks, listening and writing skills will be tested. Similar to the previous task, you will be given 7 seconds to read some information before hearing the recording. A recording between 30-60 seconds will play. As you listen, type each word in the blank spaces as you hear them so that you do not […]

PTE Academic Multiple-choice, Multiple Answer

The second question type, Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answer will test listening skills. First, you will be given information to help answer the question. You only have 7 seconds to read this. A recording will then play that is between 40-90 seconds long. Select all the response options that you think are correct. In this question type, you can receive 1 point for each […]

PTE Academic Summarize Spoken Text

The first question type you will need to complete is Summarize Spoken Text, which will tests listening and writing skills. To complete the task, a recording between 60-90 seconds long will be played for you to listen to. As you listen, try to use the Erasable Noteboard Booklet to take notes of key points to help you understand the context. After […]