no 006 rl_sample_006 Until the advent of new medications. People diagnosed with schizophrenia occupying one half of the hospital beds in United States, one out of every 10,000 people come down the schizophrenia 750,000 are treated every year. several million people in United States currently has had this disorder at one time or another in their lifetime. Although we think[...]


005.jpg 005 rl_sample_005 The graph shows three types of frogs in different regions, indicating their life habits and their influence on human. The variation of frog has been existing for many years that some have more limbs while some have fewer limbs. The lecture also explains the reason for the gene mutation. Many people are worried that river those frogs[...]


no 004 rl_sample_004 Joseph Lister was an English surgeon who was the first man to realize the importance of aseptic techniques during surgical procedures. Lister was born in Essex, England, and after obtaining a bachelor of arts degree from University College London. He qualified as a doctor in 1852. Lister became assistant surgeon at Edinburgh Royal infirmary and was like[...]


no 003 rl_sample_003 life from non-living matter. This illustration often used is the one that the monkeys and the typewriters. Ok, we have a monkey sitting at a typewriter and the claim here is basically if you leave chance in time long enough you will get life, don’ t worry about it, yes, it’ s strange, yes, it’ s wonderful, but leave enough[...]


no 002 rl_sample_002 Thermodynamics all right, Let’ s start. thermodynamics is the science of the flow of heat. The thermo is heat and dynamics is the motion of heat Thermodynamics is developed largely, beginning in the 1800 at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Taming of steel, the beginning of generating power by burning fossil fuels. So anyway, thermal dynamics based[...]


no 001 rl_sample_001 In today’ s lecture I’ m going to talk about changes in air pollution since the middle of the last century and what has created these changes. So, um – by the 1950s, air pollution was very visible with frequent thick black fogs known as ‘ smogs’ in many large cities around the world. The main source of this pollution[...]