sst2_121- UK ATM

People forget to take their cards after taking the money from the ATM. Occasionally, this is the common reason, because they get the money and walk away. In the UK it becomes less common, because people take their cards before getting the money. In the past, people made error by forgetting to get their card after they got their money. UK has restructured the new atm. You have to get your card before you get your cash. Although you would forget to get your money, it is more catastrophic to lose your card because it can access to your bank account.
Main points:
Forgetting to take cards
Taking the money from the ATM
Getting the money and walking away
The UK
Taking cards before getting the money
Making error
Restructuring the new ATM
Forgetting to get the money
Being more catastrophic
Losing the card
Accessing the bank account

Sample answer:
The lecture was about the UK ATM, which comprised forgetting to take cards and taking the money from the ATM. The spokesperson described taking cards before getting the money, and essences of making error emphasized the significance of restructuring the new ATM. Ultimately, although both forgetting to get the money and losing your card could be inferred evidently from being more catastrophic, impacts of accessing the bank account were acknowledged. (70)

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