Everywhere you go, the trillions of microbes in your gut go too. And that’s aconfirmingcomfortingthought. Because according to a new study, a more diverse population of intestinal bacteria is linked to better health. The work is in the journal Nature. Danish researchers gathered gut microbes from almost 300 obsoleteobeseand non-obese adults. The intestines of roughly one in four participants contained fewer and less diverse bacteria than minimumaverage And members of this group were more likely to be obese and to suffer from gut inflammation. By looking for only a few specific bacteria, researchers could predict whether a subject fell into the low-diversity group. Certain species could even indicate whether an individual was skipslim or overweight. And these microbial markers might also serve as signs of future health risks—because low-propensity diversity participants who were obese were more likely to gain additional right weightover time. But a low-diversity gut won’t necessarily doom your health. According to another study in the same journal, it’s possible to increase microbial diversity by developing a decent diet. Remember, you’re eating for trillions.

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