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What is Academic?

PTE Academic is a computer-based English test that offers international students and migrants the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English proficiency for academic admissions, employment and visa purposes. Like any test, test takers should prepare by becoming familiar with the test format and learning how to respond to questions correctly. We can help students prepare for the test with our range of preparation resources including the PTE Academic Teacher and online materials which can be used in conjunction with The official guide to PTE Academic.

“To complete a PTE Academic test, you will need to attend a secure Pearson test center. You will use a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions. During the three-hour test session there will be three main parts to the test: speaking and writing (together), listening and reading. There are twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information. PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English, so you will hear excerpts from lectures and view graphs and charts. You will hear a range of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers, so you will be exposed to the type of accents you will encounter in everyday life.”
Source: https://pearsonpte.com

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We help PTE Academic candidates just like you to feel confident in PTE language exam, even if they’ve only just started learning. We have provided a platform for online PTE practice and gathered real and repeated PTE questions.

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PTE Speaking: Core English Skills

In Part 1 of the PTE Academic test, you require certain skills to answer the questions within the test to the best of your ability. We’ve put together some tips and advice on how to practice and improve your core skills.   Oral Fluency   Oral fluency applies to the Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image and Re-tell Lecturequestion

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Reviewing Test Performance

If you have completed PTE Academic, you would know by now that it is scored against the Global Scale of English and that you need to practice many skills for each part of the test: Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening. After completing PTE Academic you will receive an email notification that your results are available online. Typically

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How long will I wait for my PTE Academic results?

Most test scores are now returned within just 2 days During 2018 students, migrants and professionals that sat PTE Academic received their scores in even less time than ever before. In fact, during 2018, 85.7% of PTE Academic test takers received their results within just 2 days. Why could my score take longer than 2 days? There are

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Your guide to understanding PTE Academic

Prepare for success with our two-part webinar series Preparing for PTE Academic, like any exam, is easier when you know what to expect. Watch the videos below to gain a detailed understanding of PTE Academic and give yourself the best chance of performing well on test day. Part one provides and introduction to PTE Academic, detailing the

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