PTE Academic – Part 1: English Speaking & Writing Test Introduction

Part 1 of PTE Academic will take 77-93 minutes and will test your speaking and writing skills. To test speaking skills, you will be assessed on your ability to produce spoken English in an academic environment. Your writing skills will be assessed by giving written responses in academic English using correct grammar, spelling and structure. Personal Introduction First, you will […]

پارت اول آزمون پی تی ای – اسپیکینگ و رایتینگ ( مدت زمان تقریبی بین 77 تا 93 دقیقه )

در بخش اسپیکینگ و رایتینگ که اولین بخش آزمون  PTE-Aمی باشد، مهارت های صحبت کردن و نوشتاری شما در یک محیط آکادمیک سنجیده میشود. زمان در نظر گرفته برای این بخش حدود 77 الی 93 دقیقه (با توجه به تعداد متغیر سوالات) در نظر گرفته شده است. در سوالات قسمت اسپیکینگ توانایی های مختلف داوطلبان در درست خوانی، تلفظ صحیح […]

معرفی بخش های آزمون PTE-Academic

آزمون PTE-A چهار مهارت اصلی زبان آموزان یعنی: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing را مورد تست قرار میدهد. در آزمون پی تی ای آکادمیک علاوه بر این، مهارت های فرعی داوطلبان شامل: Grammar, Pronunciation, Oral Fluency, Spelling, Vocabulary, Written Discourse در بخش هایی از آزمون سنجیده خواهد شد. کل آزمون از 20 نوع سوال مختلف  (question type)تشکیل شده است که تعداد […]

PTE-academic Test Format

Part 1: Speaking & Writing(77 – 93 minutes) Personal introduction Read aloud Repeat sentence Describe image Re-tell lecture Answer short question Summarize written text Essay (20 mins) Part 1: Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 Minutes) In Part 1 you will be tested on your speaking and writing skills. The time given to this section is 77-93 minutes. To assess […]

Respond to a situation

PTE code Task: Respond to a situation Listen to and read a description of a situation. Then answer a question about it with an extended response. Prompt Length Skills Assessed Time to Answer Text up to 60 words Speaking 40 seconds How to answer “Respond to a situation” question: For this question type you need to listen to and read […]

PTE Listening Tips: Self-Improvement

After working through the strategies to improve your English listening skills, you can work on specific areas of the test. In this part, you will need to apply a number of listening and writing skills. Below are improvement tips on the question types that combine writing and listening skills. Summarize Spoken Text In the Summarize Spoken Text questions you will be scored on […]

PTE Reading Tips: Self-Improvement

There are many ways you can improve your chances of gaining points in Part 2: Reading during PTE Academic. To improve your reading skills, practice increasing your reading speed and comprehension at the same time. In turn, you will improve your writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. To do well in this part of the test, you need to be able to […]

PTE Writing Tips: Self-Improvement

As part of the PTE Academic, you must demonstrate a certain set of core English skills to maximize your score. To help you do your best in Part 1: Writing we’ve put together some tips. Summarize Written Text In the Summarize Written Text question type, you will be scored based on the content, formal requirements, your grammar and vocabulary. When completing this question type […]

PTE Reading: Core English Skills Part 1

In PTE Academic Part 2: Reading, you will be required to read a text in each question to understand what it means in order to answer the question. To identify and develop your reading skills we’ve put together some information to help you. Grammar Grammar skills are important as they help you understand what you are reading. In Part 2: Reading you need to […]

PTE Writing: Core English Skills Part 1

Part 1 of PTE Academic includes a variety of speaking and writing question types. For writing questions, you may need to improve your skills, such as grammar, spelling and vocabulary. To help practice these skills, we’ve put together some tips on how to improve for this part of the test. Grammar To help improve grammar, get into the habit of […]