RWFIB-400.EI Nino

EI Nino usually lasts for about 18 months. The 1982-83 EI Nino brought the most attractivepleasantdestructivehumiddestructive weather in modern history. Its effect was worldwide and it left more than 2,000 people dead and caused over eight billion pounds fetchbring3worth333getworth of damage. The 1990 EI Nino will strikestrivestokethrivestrike, but they are still not merelypartlyrelativelycompletelycompletely sure what […]

RWFIB-399.The Importance of Steel in Today’s Construction

In the past, making structures quake-resist-ant meant firm yet sustainableexpensiveflexibleresistantflexible materials, such as steel and wood that bend without breaking. Later, people tried to lift a building off its foundation, and addinsertapplyfortifyinsert rubber and steel between the building and its foundation to reduce the impact of ground vibrations. The most recentmodernhigh-techadvancerecent designs give buildings brains […]

RWFIB-398.1994 Northridge earthquake

After the violent earthquake that has shakenshookshakeis shakedshook Los Angeles in 1994, earthquake scientists had good news to report: The damage and death toll could have been much worse. More than 60 people died in this earthquake. By comparison, and earthquake of similar intensityforcestrengthpowerintensity that shook America in 1998 claimed 25,000 victims. Injuries and deaths […]


Dolphins are marine mammals found all over the world. There are many different kindsanimalsspeciessortsspecies. They are well-known as intelligent creatures and seem to relatecommunicateinformgathercommunicate with one another in sophisticated ways. Dolphins are socialewildintelligentsolitarysociable animals in that they live in groups. These can range in size from five to several hundred. They often hunt in groups […]

RWFIB-396.Study habits

An investigation into the study habits of undergraduates was donecarried outproducedfulfilledcarried out by a team of researchers at a number of different universities. In all the universities involvinggatheringparticipatingexperiencingparticipating in the study, it was found that there were the same significant differences withbyinbetweenbetween the habits of arts and science students. Not surprisingly perhaps, arts students read […]

RWFIB-395.Béhanzin, King of Dahomey

Behanzin ruled the West African monarchauthoritystatekingdomkingdom of Dahomey at the end of the nineteenth century, a time when Europeans were doing their utmost to colonise Africa. Behanzin put up extremely powerful resistance. He did this with the forceaidinterfereinterventionaid of an army, including five thousand female warriors. He is often called King Shark, a name suggesting […]

RWFIB-394.Science of Astronomy

There are two basic branches of the science of astronomy: observational and theoretical. Observational astronomy, as the name refersmentiondsayssuggestssuggests, is concerned with observing the skies and then analyzing the observations, using the methodsprincipleselementsrulesprinciples of physics. Theoretical astronomy focuses more on expandingboostingdevelopingupdatingdeveloping computer or analytical models to describe astronomical phenomena. The two fields complementoverlapdisprovedenycomplement each other, […]

RWFIB-393.Multinational Companies

Multinational companies are often blamedcriticizedreproachedmentionedcriticised for a number of reasons, but we cannot deny their positive impact. Employment opportunities are providedproducedgeneratedacquiredgenerated for locals in the overseas country. When multinational companies set up manufacturing plants, there is often an increased propensitypredilectiondeficiencyavailabilityavailability of products for local consumers, which profits the local economy. Training is also sometimes provided […]

RWFIB-392.Animal Migration

Migration could be described as the well-defined journey that animals make to a familiar destination at recentspecificimportantspecialspecific seasons or times of the year. All species that migrate do so for a common purposemethodreasonlogicpurpose, in order to survive. Migration allows them to spend their life in more than one area and thus fightpreventavoiddeteravoid problems that can […]

RWFIB-391.Study Psychology

Psychology is a suitable course of study for those interested in all aspects of human thought andreactionbehaviorpersonalityattitudebehavior. It can be defined as the scientific study of how humans functionoperateworkexercisefunction on a biological, social and mental level. There are a range of influential approaches to the subject, which are addedmentionedappliedadministratedapplied to such areas as child development, […]