504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson1

1. abandon
desert; leave without planning to come back; quit
a. When Roy abandoned his family, the police went looking for him.
b. The soldier could not abandon his friends who were hurt in battle.
c. Because Rose was poor, she had to abandon her idea of going to college.
2. keen
sharp;eager; intense; sensitive
a. The butcher’s keen knife cut through the meat
b. My dog has a keen sense of smell.
c. Bill’s keen mind pleased all his teachers..
3. jealous
afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else;wanting what someone else has
a. A detective was hired by the jealous widow to find the boyfriend who had abandoned* her.
b. Although my neighbor just bought a new car, I am not jealous of him.
c. Being jealous, Mona would not let her boyfriend dance with any ofthe cheerleaders.
4. tact
ability to say the right thing
a. My aunt never hurts anyone’s feelings because she always uses tact.
b. By the use of tact, Janet was able to calm her jealous* husband.
c. Your friends will admire you if you use tact and thoughtfulness.
5. oath
a promise that something is true; a curse
a. The president will take the oath of office tomorrow.
b. In court, the witness took an oath that he would tell the whole truth.
c. When Terry discovered that he had been abandoned,* he let out an angry oath.
6. vacant
empty; not filled
a. Someone is planning to build a house on that vacant lot.
b. I put my coat on that vacant seat.
c. When the landlord broke in, he found that apartment vacant.
7. hardship
(hard 1 ship) something that is hard to bear; difficulty
a. The fighter had to face many hardships before he became champion.
b. Abe Lincoln was able to overcome one hardship after another.
c. On account of hardship, Bert was let out of the army to take care of his sick mother.
8. gallant
brave; showing respect for women
a. The pilot swore a gallant oath* to save his buddy.
b. Many gallant knights entered the contest to win the princess.
c. Ed is so gallant that he always gives up his subway seat to a woman.
9. data
facts; information
a. The data about the bank robbery were given to the F.B.I.
b. After studying the data, we were able to finish our report.
c. Unless you are given all the data, you cannot do the math problem.
10. unaccustomed
not used to something
a. Coming from Alaska, Claude was unaccustomed to Florida’s heat.
b. The king was unaccustomed to having people disobey him.
c. Unaccustomed as he was to exercise, Vic quickly became tired.
11. bachelor
a man who has not married
a. My brother took an oath* to remain a bachelor.
b. In the movie, the married man was mistaken for a bachelor.
c. Before the wedding, all his bachelor friends had a party.
12. qualify
become fit; show that you are able
a. I am trying to qualify for the job that is now vacant.*
b. Since Pauline can’t carry a tune, she is sure that she will never qualify for the Girls’ Chorus.
c. You have to be taller than 5 15″ to qualify as a policeman in our town.
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